How much an esports winner can earn by playing games online?

Esports is nowadays very popular among the younger generation. Many young people are now taking this online gaming as a career. However, it is not much popular career line in the eastern countries but its popularity in the western world has increased enormously. This enormously also progresses with the coming Covid19 Pandemic. Due to this, pandemic people are locked up in their houses for almost two years is in 2020 and 2021. To cope up with the boredom in their house they started playing esports games on their mobile or PC. 

With increasing in the popularity of esports, many new players are enrolling themselves every year. With the increase in the number of players, the size of the prize pool also increases with it. The prize pool of money depends on the popularity of an event. It is quite clear that it is the major factors players use to determine whether to involve in a particular esports game or not.

The first esports prize given to the Esports winner in 1997 is “Thresh” Fong. He was awarded a Quake developer John Carmack’s red Ferrari 328. those were remarkable at that time, but today’s esports winners have a prize larger than that of player can often return upon winning a single match.

Here is a list of the biggest prize pools a winner of esports will get in this industry.

Prize Pool For World Tournaments Held Internationally:

  1. The International 9. Valve’s annual world championship in Dota 2 has broken all the previous records in a row. They offered esports winners a total amount of $1.6 million in 2011 and 12. The event has been the most successful and crowdfunding prizes Pool in the esports winning history.
  2. The 2019 Fortnite World Cup finals. Fortnite World Cup finals in 2020 have featured one of the biggest pool prizes in esports history. The tournament has divided into two events, is esports winner of solo finals has earned $3 million, and the esports winner in the duo finals earned $3 million.
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The League of Legends world championship in 2018

Riot games allowed League of Legends players with an overall prize pool event that can be purchased in-game items for the first time in 2017. A year later, the prize pool was raised for esports winners to $6.5 million, delivering it one of the most epic events in the esports games in terms of prize money.

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The Call of Duty league championship 2020

Most of the outstanding season of Call of Duty league was held online in the time of the Covid 19 pandemic. Nevertheless, despite this, the prize money we saw was one of the biggest prize pools in history. After the narrow victory of esports winners, the Dallas Empire dismantled the Atlanta facility in the grand finale and took home $1.5 million of prize in 2020.

The Honour Of The King World Championship Cup In 2020

The COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020 does not stop China from hosting the biggest mobile esports tournament in history. The Honour of the king world championship keep cup hosted in Shanghai and Beijing saw one of the best honor of kings team battle for the number 1 spot. Esports winner takes back $4.6 million of prize in the grand finale.

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