Why people go for Hearthstone betting

In the year of 2014, Blizzard entertainment developed, launched this famous turn-based card game named hearthstone on the wisdom of the world of warcraft. This is now a competitive esport in this industry and plays a crucial role in several major events in esports. In December 2016 Hearthstone was the 4 th most visible esport in witch. Now it is one of the biggest esports in the esports betting sites in this industry. The rising popularity of esports leads to the inclusion of many competitive tournaments.

How to play Hearthstone

play Hearthstone:

In this game, both players use a deck of cards designed from their accumulation of virtual cards to beat their opposition. There are three types of cards named minions, abilities, and weapons. Players can accumulate cards by finishing quests, beating the opposition, and normally playing sports. In the case of Hearthstone, the experienced players can prefer to play for additional card packs in the hopes of receiving extra rare cards to increase their decks.

In the top-end match, hearthstone can take on a 3v3 pattern with a  team of three deciding together about action against another team which is also consisted of  3 players. Till now, one versus one is played in most of the cases in this game.

Types of Hearthstone Esports Bets

Types of hearthstone
  • Match-winner: the bettor just places a bet on the two players whom he thinks the winner of the match. Bookmakers calculate the odds and payout as per calculation.
  • Handicap bets: these types of bets are used when it is certain that one side will be the winner. After that, the bettor uses a handicap bet to tell how many games the players will need to win the tournament or even wager on the team which is not strong to wager on their scopes of winning one match out of 3.
  • Turnbets:  this type f bet demands a lot of knowledge. You have to understand that how the players communicate and how many turns they need to overwhelm their opposition. 
  • Futures market: If you want to bet on the result of a tournament and wager on a specific team that comes first. 
  • Special bets: these type of bets bears the higher risk and higher payout features are associated with this bet.

The criteria for becoming top Hearthstone betting sites

  • Promotion and bonuses: the bettors should select that betting site that offers welcome bonuses just by signing in as well as big rewards, loyalty programs.
  • Security: the players should search for that platform which they find safe. this site should be licensed and regulated.
  • Support: the betting site should support an efficient customer support system. As it solves all types of queries regarding betting.
  • Selection of sports: the bettors should search for that online website that offers them various sports betting options as it has a wide range of sports 
  • Secure banking: you can select from various top banking options with quick deposits and withdrawals.
  • Compatibility: The bettors should select that betting site that supports all types of devices such as personal computers, android devices.
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