Something about the top 10 esports games

The biggest platform is named esports where many veteran players want to prove their talent. This is a competitive sport and this game has a lot of sponsors. The sponsors always give you the chance to convert your love into a profession. There are several types of games available in esports.  A game is considered an esports game if it has a supporter of the tournament officially. The popularity of the esports industry is increasing exponentially. Now we are going to briefly talk about the top 10 esports games here.

Rainbow six siege 

Rainbow six siege esports game

This game is all about creating a team and facing severe combat. The player can discuss the strategy with their team.

Apex legends

Apex legends esports game

The setup of this game is done in the universe of Titanfall which gives you the power to control mercenaries who are nimble over hulking robots. You can get several characters with numerous potential. 


Valorant esports game

Players can find various modes of playing. This game consists of several characters with special types of qualities. This game is all about planting spikes in the area of the plant of the map from the attacking part and the defensive part it is all about obstructing attackers from planting a bomb or defusing the bomb if they have already planted it. Players have to contact other teammates for defeating the enemy.

Counterstrike”global offensive

Counterstrike is esports game

 At first, this game came into the market in 1999. In this game, both teams have to compete in several rounds. Their objective is to win sufficient rounds for winning the match. Some updated maps such as train, nuke, inferno are used.


Fortnite esports game

This survival game can be played among 100 players. These players combat against each other to survive until the end.  The game is all about jumping on islands with tools like an ax. They have to accumulate other ammunition from the map. Players can play in various ways such as squad, duo, or solo.


Dota2 esports game

This is one of the famous games in the online area. In this game, players have to know about special talents for character, style, and play for helping the team to win the game. In this game, 100 capable heroes come to the battlefield


Pubg esports game

In this game, you have to survive until the end of the game to win. 100 players are playing this game. you need to search for the ammunition from various locations for killing the enemy.  You can play in several modes such as solo, team, or duo. This game in the market in 2017 


Overwatch is esports game

This game is all about a shooter game that is based on a team. There are several influential heroes and you need to select a hero for playing the game in any existing mode of the game. players can play any of three roles like damage, tank, and support


Splatoon2  esports game

 This game came into the market in 2017. This game is all about firing ink. Nintendo developed this game

League of legends

League of legends esports game

In this team-based game, five players in every team will play the game. they try to destroy the base of the others. As a player, you will get your character among 140 champions.

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