Top 4 Esports world championship

When you think of any food, the first email that comes to your mind is probably football and cricket. However, the list does not end here as there are other physical games that also require athletic ability and exceptional skills to play. However, with the coming of low Internet service cost, there is a huge realm of esports that gaining its popularity in the form of entertainment and competition in the country.

The nationwide lockdown due to COVID 19 pandemic has also extended its arm for increasing the growth rate of esports globally. Not only low-cost Internet connectivity but the affordability of smartphones also resulted from millions of players play online esports world championships on their devices that are well designed perfectly to suit the esports ecosystem.

In this article, we like to introduce you to the four esports world championship

League Of Legends World Championship. 

What is the League of Legends Championship

This championship was operated by Riot Games and came into operation in 2011. It is one of the largest League of Legends esports world championships in the world. This esports world championship is popular in the world of sports as it provides an astounding 27 million dollars of prize money on over 13 tournaments held worldwide.

To qualify for the league of legends World championship, the player has to qualify through their regional tournaments such as the League of Legends Championship series held in North America and Europe or the League of Legends Pro league held in China. The tournaments collect a massive amount each year.

Dota Major Championships.

Dota major championships are the events that usually happen seasonally in a given year. They hold events in summer, autumn, winter, and spring. Among for the summer, the international championship is the largest event held in a year. Valve corporations ran these championships. The Dota major championship was introduced to boost the overall structure of the Dota 2 esports. The players in the esports championship were awarded $31.7 million in price across 20 tournaments.

PUBG global championship.

PUBG Global competition and guide

Player’s unknown battleground popularly known as PUBG is an online esports championship, which is played in a battle format. It is available in a format both in mobile and desktop versions. The PUBG global championship in 2020 was the second most-watched esports event in 2019 with over 1,000,000 viewers at its peak.

This esports championship is one of the early games that used live events to showcase their competition, matches donation, and gathering in 2017 to make a $200+ price pool. It is one of the most prestigious official PUBG esports championships in the world with already heavy $4 million prizes winning through its six tournaments.

Halo world championship.

In 2002, the Associates of gaming professionals hosted the official Halo tournaments. However, until 2014 it does not gain its popularity until the date the Microsoft and 343 productions in conjunction with the electronic sports league created the Halo championship series. This is sports championship has awarded nearly $6 million throughout 26 championships in the year 2016.

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