Here are the top esports betting sites

There is an increasing number of websites that don’t offer good experiences for users. Either the odds are cut in half, or they don’t have the depth, or they don’t have proper customer support channels. In some cases, they can even be scams. Our list of the best esports match betting sites has been put together with your needs in mind. 

Therefore, it’s essential to choose a bookmaker that you are confident in. With each passing year, it becomes increasingly difficult to find such bookies. Esports match betting sites are oversaturated and chasing away potential bettors with lousy, subpar offerings.

The Top Esports Match Betting Sites of 2021: Where Can You Bet?

Bovada - online sports betting site.
  • Bovada – A safe and trusted online sports betting site.
  • BettOnline – Provides competitive odds and lines for betting on esports.
  • MyBookie – Check out our best bonuses at our online sportsbook.
  • The BetNow company offers online betting on the biggest esports events.
  • With Intertops, you have a range of trustworthy payment options for placing esports bets.

What Makes Our Recommendations So Trustworthy?

Those esports betting sites listed above are all used by TSG! I don’t know what else could be a valid reason! Our sports betting passions differ from those of esports gamblers, who can’t spend more than a week without making a wager. Additionally, we have included some of the biggest names in the online betting niche, betting platforms that cover a wide range of sports and esports. 

Our picks are all 100% legit, possess all the necessary gambling licenses, offer the most esports betting options, and have great customer service. I won’t even mention their generous welcome bonuses.

What Makes the Best Esports Betting Sites

Best Esports Betting Sites
  • The ease of use. All first-time users need an easy user interface. New bettors love betting with bookmakers that master the ease of use segment. Why is easy of use referred to as such a factor? I would say it comes down to three main components: speed, polish, and intuitiveness. The best eSports betting sites for real money are those that load fast, feel polished, and do not require manuals for navigation page to page.
  • Options for additional wagering. The best online betting sites for esports also feature a wide range of options in addition to an abundance of esports markets. Besides the standard match-winners and Moneyline wagers, we’re also talking about specials and live bets. More is better!
  • Bonuses that are specific to Esports. Currently, most online betting sites do not offer esports-specific bonuses. The casinos that do offer them don’t really emphasize them enough, so esports bettors often forget about them. While these esports-specific bonuses may not be quite as important as the rest of these factors, they will gain traction as companies experiment with them.
  • Methods of payment. There are several payment methods available on most gambling sites today that offer esports betting. Others deal exclusively with niche options like cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. The goal for our list was diversity, and that’s what we wanted to accomplish.
  • Support Services for Customers. New bookies need a good customer service department to succeed. It is important for bettors to be able to solve any issues they might run into in the long run. Staff members and channels of customer support contribute greatly to customer satisfaction levels, and as such, they shouldn’t be overlooked.
  • Reputation. Online reviews are still important, even though most of the most popular sites are actually scams. Esports betting sites are also affected by them, as they have the capability to build (or destroy) their reputations. It is easy for tampering with online reputation, however.
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